New innovative, most efficient app is designed and available in store which is names as "WhatsTools". It has feature to overcome the of Instant Messaging applications and cross-platform sharing issues.


Application WHatTools has inbuilt features as same like most famous market apps WhatsApp, Telegram and Snapchat, etc. And it's advanced that mentioned apps with enhanced facilities like

  • Uploading huge files (UpTo 1GB)
  • File Sharing of any Type
  • Secured File Storage
  • Pause and Resume of upload/download files
  • Cross-Platform sharing
  • Preview of Video
  • Built-in Media Support

Uploading huge files

Most of the Instant Messaging applications have restrictions in sending of files more than 16MB. WhatsTools enables user to send files up to 1GB.

File Sharing of any Type

File types such as File Archives, Docs, EBooks, Music, Images, Gif Videos can be shared via WhatsTools.

Secured File Storage

All the files which are shared via Instant Messaging apps post WhatsTools installation will be stored in Google Drive. This feature is made possible with permission from the user. Thus, WhatsTools enables us to manage the files transferred and stored in Google Drive.

Pause and Resume of upload/download files

This innovative feature allows the user to pause and resume the uploaded and downloaded files, thus data usage can be saved without interrupting the current progress of upload/download.

Cross-Platform sharing

Issues on sharing files across different platforms such as IPhone, Windows and Blackberry have found a solution via WhatsTools application. With this application, if the user with whom one wants to share a file is on a different platform, then the link will be opened in a webpage via browser from where the shared file can be downloaded.

Preview of Video:

Users face hassle in downloading videos which turned out to be unnecessary, thus wasting the network data as well. To minimize this wastage, WhatsTools application enables user to preview the video before downloading, thus saving network data and storage space.

Built-In Media Support:

This features enables WhatsTools support for playing gif files, music files and other common video formats.

WhatsTools Application Setup

WhatsTools can be downloaded from Google Play Store.Post installation and setup, the following selection has to be activated in IM’s, for example WhatsApp for using this application. Installation of WhatsTools generates a new file picker menu in WhatsApp file selection menu. From this WhatsTools file picker menu, all the feature related options would be present. Selection can be made according to the wish of customers. User should also connect to Google Drive for storage of shared files. Then, sharing can be done via Attach option in WhatsApp, which will show WhatsTools share menu.

Happy Sharing!!