The below list shows the live gold rate in trichy as of today 28-03-2023

The provid rates is the exact price of
- 916 kdm Hallmark gold in 22carat
- 916 kdm Hallmark gold in 24carat

Rates have been displayed in
- Rate per gram.
- Rate per 8 grams.
- Difference in 916 kdm gold price. (Compared with previous day rate)

Today Gold Price in Trichy

Weight 22K Gold Rate 24K Gold Rate
10g ₹ 55400 ₹ 60610
8g ₹ 44320 ₹ 48488
4g ₹ 22160 ₹ 24244
2g ₹ 11080 ₹ 12122
1g ₹ 5540.00 ₹ 6061.00

Trichy Gold Price History

Date Pure Gold (24 k) Standard Gold (22 K)
1 grm 1 grm
27/Mar/2023 6061.00(-0.16) 5540.00(-0.18)
26/Mar/2023 6071.00(-0.48) 5550.00(0.00)
25/Mar/2023 6100.00(0.15) 5550.00(-0.18)
24/Mar/2023 6091.00(0.33) 5560.00(0.36)
23/Mar/2023 6071.00(1.01) 5540.00(1.28)
22/Mar/2023 6010.00(-0.94) 5470.00(-1.80)
21/Mar/2023 6067.00(-0.70) 5570.00(0.18)
20/Mar/2023 6110.00(0.00) 5560.00(0.00)
19/Mar/2023 6110.00(0.00) 5560.00(0.00)
18/Mar/2023 6110.00(2.86) 5560.00(2.02)

Gold Investment

Gold is one of the precious metals where investors buy as an investment. Gold is slightly reddish yellow metal which gets sold in different forms gold coins, jewelries etc..

Gold is widely purchased for wedding, beauty shower, birthday parties and there are specials events like akshaya tritiya where we get offers, discount on gold rates.

Points to be remembered before buying gold

1) Purity of gold: Gold purity is measured in Karats

Below are the purity level of gold

  • 14 Karat (58.33% Pure)
  • 18 Karat (75% pure)
  • 22 Karat (92% Pure)
  • 24 Karat (99.9% Pure)

2. Labor Charges: It is the making charge involved is creating jewelry by the jewelry changes depends on the complexity and design.

3. Certification: Check the certification of gold before buying it.

4. Weight: Gold jewelry is sold based on its weight.

5. Time of purchase: Gold is on high demand during festival seasons as more people spend money on gold which is also an asset

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