Sun Music TV Programs

Sun Music TV is a one of the most popular 24/7 dedicated tamil music channel which is a part of the Sun TV Network. The Sun Music TV channel was launched in the year 2004. Sun Music TV channel is the most viewed music channel in India and is also the most viewed Tamil television channel in the world. Get monday to friday updates on popular Sun Music TV shows timings. You can watch your favourite Sun Music TV Music shows on the timings mentioned in below.

Sun Music TV Program Schedule
Show Time Show Name Show Time Show Name
12:00 AM Chilax 12:30 AM Chilax
1:00 AM Breakfree 1:30 AM Breakfree
2:00 AM Breakfree 2:30 AM Breakfree
3:00 AM Breakfree 3:30 AM Breakfree
4:00 AM Breakfree 4:30 AM Breakfree
5:00 AM Mellisaiye 5:30 AM Mellisaiye
6:00 AM Flash Back 6:30 AM Flash Back
7:00 AM Non Stop Hits 7:30 AM Non Stop Hits
8:00 AM Non Stop Hits 8:30 AM Non Stop Hits
9:00 AM Sun Music Super Morning 9:30 AM Sun Music Super Morning
10:00 AM Flash Back 10:30 AM Flash Back
11:00 AM Marana Kuthu 11:30 AM Marana Kuthu
12:00 PM Scene Oda Pattu 12:30 PM Scene Oda Pattu
1:00 PM Breakfree 1:30 PM Mellisaiye
2:00 PM Rehmania 2:30 PM Yuvanism
3:00 PM Breakfree 3:30 PM Oh My Kadhaley
4:00 PM Non Stop Hits 4:30 PM Non Stop Hits
5:00 PM Trending Box Live 6:00 PM Scene Oda Pattu
6:30 PM Scene Oda Pattu 7:00 PM Breakfree
7:30 PM Non Stop Hits 8:00 PM Marana Kuthu
8:30 PM Marana Kuthu 9:00 PM Marana Kuthu
9:30 PM Soup Songs 10:00 PM Flash Back
10:30 PM Flash Back 11:00 PM Non Stop Hits
11:30 PM Non Stop Hits