Public Music Tv Programs - 31-05-2023

Public Music Programs Today

Public Music Tv is a one of the most popular channel in india. You can watch favourite Public Music Tv shows on the timings mentioned in below.

Public Music Tv Program Schedule
Show Time Show Name Show Time Show Name
12:00 AM B 2 B HIT Songs 7:00 AM Cinema Namosthute
8:00 AM Crazy Morning 9:00 AM Whatsapp Geetsapp
10:00 AM Love Birds 10:45 AM Commercial Slot
11:00 AM Love Birds 11:45 AM Commercial Slot
12:00 PM Music Masthi 1:00 PM Prema Raga
2:00 PM Music Safari 2:45 PM Commercial Slot
3:00 PM Heart Favourite 3:45 PM Commercial Slot
4:00 PM Heart Favourite 4:45 PM Commercial Slot
5:00 PM Whatsapp Geetsapp 6:00 PM Insta hits/Public choice
7:00 PM Music Express 8:00 PM Music Express
9:00 PM Heart Favourite 10:00 PM Music Box-90s
11:00 PM B 2 B HIT Songs