Prag News TV Programs

Prag News TV is a one of the most popular channel in india. You can watch favourite Prag News shows on the timings mentioned in below.

Prag News TV Program Schedule
Show Time Show Name Show Time Show Name
12:00 AM Prag Prime Time 1:00 AM Prime At Nite
2:00 AM Prime At Nite 2:30 AM Prag Prime Time
3:00 AM Prag Prime Time 4:00 AM Prag Pre Prime
5:00 AM Prag Pre Prime 6:00 AM Morning Live
8:00 AM Puwar Batori 8:30 AM Puwar Batori
10:00 AM Puwar Batori 10:30 AM Puwar Batori
11:00 AM Mid Day Prime 12:00 PM Hiya Diya Niya
3:00 PM Pratipakhya 4:00 PM Prag Pre Prime
6:30 PM Prag Prime Time 7:54 PM Prime At Nite
9:00 PM Prime At Nite 10:30 PM Prime At Nite
11:00 PM Prime At Nite