Do you want to know the exact Pradosham Dates with start and end time in 2023. The table below shows the Pradosham date,Pradosham day,Pradosham start time,Pradosham end time,Shani Pradosham 2023,Ravi Pradosham 2023,Soma Pradosham 2023,Bhauma Pradosham 2023,Guru Pradosham 2023,Shukra Pradosham 2023,Budha Pradosham 2023

Pradosham 2023 Dates List/Pradosh 2023 Dates List

Pradosham Dates in 2023 | Pradosh Dates in 2023
Date Day Starting Time Ending Time Pradosham
04-January-2023 Wednesday 03 Jan,10:01 PM 05 Jan,12:00 AM Budha Pradosh Vrat
19-January-2023 Thursday 19 Jan,01:18 PM 20 Jan,09:59 AM Guru Pradosh Vrat
02-February-2023 Thursday 02 Feb,04:26 PM 03 Feb,06:57 PM Guru Pradosh Vrat
18-February-2023 Saturday 17 Feb,11:36 PM 18 Mar, 08:02 PM Shani Pradosh Vrat
04-March-2023 Saturday 04 Mar,11:43 AM 05 Mar,02:07 PM Shani Pradosh Vrat
19-March-2023 Sunday 19 Mar,08:07 AM 20 Mar,04:55 AM Ravi Pradosh Vrat
03-April-2023 Monday 03 Apr,06:24 AM 04 Apr,08:05 AM Soma Pradosh Vrat
17-April-2023 Monday 17 Apr,03:46 PM 18 Apr,01:27 PM Soma Pradosh Vrat
03-May-2023 Wednesday 02 May,11:17 PM 03 May,11:49 PM Budha Pradosh Vrat
17-May-2023 Wednesday 16 May,11:36 PM 17 May,10:28 PM Budha Pradosh Vrat
01-June-2023 Thursday 01 Jun, 01:39 PM 02 Jun,12:48 PM Guru Pradosh Vrat
15-June-2023 Thursday 26 Jun,08:32 AM 27 Jun,08:39 AM Guru Pradosh Vrat
01-July-2023 Saturday 01 Jul,01:16 AM 01 Jul,11:07 PM Shani Pradosh Vrat
14-July-2023 Friday 14 Jul,07:17 PM 15 Jul,08:32 PM Shukra Pradosh Vrat
30-July-2023 Sunday 30 Jul,10:34 AM 31 Jul,07:26 AM Ravi Pradosh Vrat
13-August-2023 Sunday 13 Aug,08:19 AM 14 Aug,10:25 AM Ravi Pradosh Vrat
28-August-2023 Monday 28 Aug,06:22 PM 29 Aug,02:47 PM Soma Pradosh Vrat
12-September-2023 Tuesday 11 Sep,11:52 PM 12 Sep,02:21 AM Bhauma Pradosh Vrat
27-September-2023 Wednesday 27 Sep,01:45 AM 27 Sep,10:18 PM Budha Pradosh Vrat
11-October-2023 Wednesday 11 Oct,05:37 PM 12 Oct,07:53 PM Budha Pradosh Vrat
26-October-2023 Thursday 26 Oct,09:44 AM 27 Oct,06:56 AM Guru Pradosh Vrat
10-November-2023 Friday 10 Nov,12:35 PM 11 Nov,01:57 PM Shukra Pradosh Vrat
24-November-2023 Friday 24 Nov,07:06 PM 25 Nov,05:22 PM Shukra Pradosh Vrat
10-December-2023 Sunday 10 Dec,07:13 AM 11 Dec,07:10 AM Ravi Pradosh Vrat
24-December-2023 Sunday 24 Dec,06:24 AM 25 Dec,05:54 AM Ravi Pradosh Vrat