Polimer TV Programs

Polimer TV is a one of the most popular tamil TV channel which is owned by Kalyanasundaram PV. The Polimer TV channel was launched in the year 1985. Polimer TV channel is the most viewed TV channel in Tamilnadu. Get monday to friday updates on popular Polimer Tamil TV shows timings. You can watch your favourite Polimer TV shows on the timings mentioned in below.

Polimer Tamil TV Program Schedule
Show Time Show Name Show Time Show Name
12:00 AM Vishnu Dhadha 2:00 AM Music Express
6:00 AM Manam Uruguthey 6:20 AM Kandha Shasti
6:40 AM Arivom Alayam 7:00 AM Polimer News
8:00 AM Comedy Express 8:30 AM Music Express
8:55 AM Teleshopping / Cini Mini 9:20 AM Teleshopping / Cinema Cinema
9:45 AM Teleshopping / Thirai Kathambam 10:10 AM Teleshopping / Comedy Express
10:35 AM Teleshopping / Comedy Express 11:00 AM Teleshopping / Cinema Cinema
11:30 AM Teleshopping / Thirai Kathambam 12:00 PM Teleshopping / Cini Mini
12:30 PM Engal Sai 1:00 PM Polimer News
1:15 PM Thirai Kadambam 1:30 PM Cini Mini
2:00 PM Vanampadi 5:00 PM Thirai Kadambam
5:30 PM Comedy Express 6:00 PM Cinema Cinema
6:30 PM Engal Sai 7:00 PM Kathiruppor Pattiyal
10:00 PM Polimer News 11:00 PM Kathiruntha Kangal