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Chandra Dharshan Dates and Timing in 2023

AChandra Darshan 2023 Date | 2023 Chandra Darshan days
Date Day Starting Time Ending Time
22-Jan-2023 Sunday 06:16 PM 06:51 PM
21-Feb-2023 Tuesday 06:27 PM 07:36 PM
22-Mar-2023 Wednesday 06:30 PM 07:10 PM
21-Apr-2023 Friday 06:33 PM 07:41 PM
20-May-2023 Saturday 06:39 PM 07:21 PM
19-Jun-2023 Monday 06:48 PM 07:56 PM
19-Jul-2023 Wednesday 06:50 PM 08:10 PM
17-Aug-2023 Thursday 06:40 PM 07:26 PM
16-Sep-2023 Saturday 06:20 PM 07:11 PM
16-Oct-2023 Monday 06:00 PM 07:03 PM
14-Nov-2023 Tuesday 05:50 PM 06:31 PM
14-Dec-2023 Thursday 05:55 PM 07:15 PM